Outjo, Namibia

Memorizing Training, Outjo, Namibia, April 7-8, 2005
On behalf of WIMSA – Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa

Target group: Members of Hei//om Youth Mobilization Program; San interviewers of the Oral Testimony Project, 20 participants who are involved in building up a heritage centre where they can receive tourists and present traditional songs, dances etc.
Aim: Accessing intangible heritage by activating half forgotten memories. Safeguarding intangible heritage and making economical use of it.
Contents and outcome: How does memory function - how do I memorize? Through practical experience the training creates consciousness of the neurological pathways into memory. This helps to improve the technique of interviewing the elders. With this training the interviewers are enabled to evoke a rich and instructive memory from the last living testimony of the elder’s childhood, the times when they still led their traditional life of hunting and gathering.


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(Translation from Heinrich-Barth-Kurier Herbst 2005, “A Future For Our Past”)
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