Coverage in media and exhibitions (since 1999)

(2006) News Report on Training in Tsodilo Hills, Botswana Television BTV

(2006) “Die Sprache der Steine, Namibia” by Peter Kruchten
TV-production for ARTE and ARD/Saarländischer Rundfunk
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(2006) “Der Bilderberg“ Text: Martin Meister; photography: Marie-Theres Erz. GEO-Magazin 3/2006: 46-64
(also published in GEO-Magazin Russia, 11/2006: 120-134)

(2005) “From the Oshana to the Daureb – Namibians contributing to Pager’s rock art research”
Photo exhibition at the National Owela Museum, Windhoek, photography by Marie-Theres Erz and Harald Pager

(2005) “A homecoming of rock art” various newspaper articles, TV and radio reports, web-news in Namibia and South Africa on a conference and exhibition in Windhoek, Namibia

(2002) “Zauberfelsen” by Peter Amman
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Documentary film shown in Switzerland, South Africa, Namibia, Germany

(2000) “Felsmalereien – Fotografien aus Namibia“
Photo exhibition at Galerie Erdrand Klaus Gaida, Weweler, Belgium, photography by Marie-Theres Erz

(2000) “Wo die Schlangen Ohren tragen” by Martina Keller
Radio-feature for ORF, NDR, Deutschlandradio

(2000) “Expedition ins Reich der Bilder“ in the series ’Schliemanns Erben’ TV-production for ZDF, 3Sat, Phoenix

(1999) “Kunst aus einer früheren Zeit”
National Geographic Deutschland, 12/1999:20