Uis, Namibia

Capacity Building for Guides in Community Based Tourism, Uis, Namibia, April 10-13, 2006
On behalf of the National Heritage Council of Namibia

Target group: Cultural guides from the Spitzkoppe Community and the Daureb Mountain Guides, Heroes Acre and Twyfelfontein, 12 participants
Aim: The training aimed at guides in Community Based Tourism. For those with previous training a solidification of their existing knowledge was targeted, while newcomers got a first insight into the significance and potential of communication skills, rock art, site protection and archaeology.
Contents and outcome (extract): The communication training focussed on mobilizing personal resources using practical exercises in small working groups, self awareness and role play games. It strengthenedself-esteem and created a model of the ideal, typical guide and tour.
Demonstration of stone tool knapping deepened the understanding of site formation processes. Site specific knowledge about rock art and archaeology strengthened the competence of the guides and will contribute to the protection of the sites as well as the satisfaction of the visitors.
Certification: A written examination on rock art and archaeology and each participant’s presentation of a mock guidance formed the basis of the certification. An intense feedback from the trainers showed each participant where to strengthen his/her efforts and encouraged them to follow the tracks of their newly discovered USP (Unique Selling Proposition).