1. Tsestsana Xixae, Guide in Tsodilo, BOT

“The most surprising element of training was to learn to always being friendly to your clients and not just to keep quiet when asked some questions.”

2. Gakenaope Sarefo, Guide in Tsodilo, BOT

“I am very thankful. I learned skills of talking to my tourists and presentation skills. Thank god for bringing us teachers to teach us about our career. My eyes have been opened and I want them to come back with more to teach.”

3. Venaune Keharara, Guide in Gcwihaba, BOT

“I liked most when we were doing group work because it was giving everyone a chance to feel free and speak. Communication training was too short – it is the most important part I have to know. Let it not be the last workshop."

4. Mighty Methlolo, Guide in Gabarone, BOT

“The communication training was very good. I have learned a lot of good ideas and I would like to thank Marie for being so polite and good in her training. Next we should organize a longer training so that we can learn more.”

5.Balefi Gobuamang, Guide in Lekhubu Island, BOT

“The communication training was very challenging, creating changes in my way of doing the job.”

6. Sinah Marumo, Guide in Manyana, BOT

“It was done in short time but we learned a lot and a lot. Nobody will ever trick me and I am now armed to fight. I am now ready to stand in front of clients to educate them about our site.”

7. Ogolotse Molefe, Guide in Livingstone, BOT

2nd from right

“I liked our trainers because they were cooperative, patient, friendly and they were always putting smiles on their faces. The communication training was so wonderful and admirable. I learned a lot on how I can act in front of people. I wish the training can be done at least every year so as not to forget some of the things as they are important.”

8. Xuntae Xhao, Guide in Tsodilo, BOT

“The very idea of workshop - I did not expect it to be so good. It is like something from God. God had a good plan for us. Conduct and confidence where enhanced. It seems the museum is serious about empowering us.”

9. Gothardine //Garoes, Daureb Mountain Guides, NAM

“The communication training has given me more knowledge than ever before. I want more such training to be done some day.”


10. Soso Ruth Lebekwe-Mweendo, Director National Museum and Art Gallery of Botswana

“Marie-Theres Erz has a unique and superb talent of presenting her subject with a contagious passion that leaves her students equally passionate. In the case of Tsodilo community guides I was particularly impressed by her capacity to make the course relevant to some of the community elders who, though being experienced guides, are unable to read and write. This passion and eagerness to reach out to the less fortunate was particularly instrumental in bringing out the best out of the somehow disquieted members of the training team from minority and disadvantaged communities. She has the expertise to be relevant to the less privileged even though she had just met them, which places Marie-Theres Erz at a level above the majority of trainers in this particular field.”